88-year-old brain cancer patient

Patient had a 7cm diameter brain tumor which had metastasized from a goiter. Patient was paralyzed and unable to speak.

11/2018 before going into the surgery in a hospital in Los Angeles to remove the tumor, patient received thread embedding acupuncture. The operation was amazingly successful. Patient recovered in 2 days.

20/05/2019 patient received the second bio thread implantation. She was able to stand up and walk around the house within 15 minutes after the treatment.

After three Bio Meyisun treatments, patient is now fully recovered and able to perform various house.

1989 breast cancer patient

Patient with breast cancer since 1989. The cancer had metastasized to 6 places: uterus, colon, lung, lymph nodes, kidney, bone.
She had chemotherapy many times with no results and allergic to all drugs.
In June 1990, patient was sent home from the hospital in a state of total paralysis.
After 1 year of treatment with the method of thread implantation, the patient was able to walk and her medical condition was recovered.
She continues with the treatment every 6 months for nearly 31 years.
The patient is now completely recovered.
She has been on Hungarian TV three times and once on People’s Television of Vietnam. 

Inflammatory disease of the entire myelin membrane

Albert Laszló, Hungarian who is 58 years old suffered from total myelitis nerve inflammation of the spinal cord and was paralyzed for 18 years.

In 2000, he was treated by Dr. Le Thuy Oanh with thread implantation method. After a year, he was fully recovered.

Since then, he has been receiving treatment every 3-6 months.


Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) disease

Patient Hoang Giang suffered from Muscular Atrophy (SMA), his muscles were flabby and atrophied. He couldn’t sit or walk.

In 2012, Western medicine doctors said he only had two more years left.

After several thread implantation treatments, he has been able to walk since 2012.

Paralysis and injuries after traffic accidents

Patient Hoa was one of seven traffic accident patients in Da Nang City, and in many traffic accidents has been successfully treated by implantation in Europe and America.

Patient received three Bio thread implantation treatments.

After the first time he woke up, he was able to move his hands consciously.

After the second implant, he was able to practice sitting, kneeling, learning to stand in a frame, learning to walk with help.

After the 3rd transplant, he took the first steps on his own and now can climbs up the stairs and speak.